Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mynte Fingers (Home and FLEA based)

We ladies love to pamper ourselves and we love going for manicure and pedicure sessions. We love looking good and we know that you do too. :) So we always make time out of our busy busy schedules and go out of the way to a Manicure palour to get our nails fixed. Only to receive the 'hardsell' treatment from their manicurist. Trying to sell us all sorts of packages and all the products. Charging us for even for an application of the quick dry top coat.

Nail arts starts from $4 per nail. So if you want nail art on all ten fingers, that will be $40. 
That is what i experience when i step into a manicure palour to get my nails done. 

Thats what makes MynteFingers different from the others apart from being homebased. Mynt is attentive and cooperative. Strike up a conversation with her and you will realise that she is very bubbly and friendly. Theres no language barrier as she's local. 

:) whats MORE? 
Her nail services starts from just $5 for an express manicure!
Here's some of her masterpiece. :)

email her if you have any enquiries. :)

With love, T. 
 If you have any enquiries, you can email it to euphoricnails@hotmail.com

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