Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dr. G's Treatment

Dr. G Clear Nail Anti-Fungal Treatment

  • Antimicrobial active agent KILLS bacteria, fungus, mold, yeast and viruses. 
  • Its patented delivery system penetrates to the site of the infection. 
  • For ladies, there is no need to remove any polish, acrylics or artificial nails
  • Dr. G’s patented Clear Nail formulation is odor-free, contains no harsh acids or alcohols, will not dry skin, and boasts thousands of satisfied users.
  • And it’s physician tested, salon proven!
  •  Nail disorders can also emerge following the use of certain nail products with harsh chemical ingredients, which damage the nails leaving them susceptible to disease.
  • Two daily applications of physician-tested Dr. G’s Clear Nail (to the infected areas) can bring dramatic results in 3-6 months for fingers and 6-12 months for toes.
  • Now, with Dr. G’s Clear Nail you can feel confident in keeping your beautiful nails.
  • Dr. G’s Clear Nail comes in an easy to use dropper tip container.

With love, T. 
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