Friday, July 23, 2010

India Collection

Enter into “color nirvana” with the OPI India Collection by OPI. The OPI India Collection includes nail polish colors that wrap you in the energy of the season and fill you with delight. The OPI India Collection nail colors are vivid, warm and enchanting. Immerse yourself in this color paradise of the OPI India Collection.

These are the swatches.

I'm sorry ladies, but it is really difficult to find the swatches that you see on my other collections to help assist you on choosing the colors. Therefore, i hope this would help. :)

$13 each

I'm Indi-A Mood For Love (I41)
Creamy hot pink

Elephantastic Pink (I42)
Creme carnation pink

Black Cherry Chutney (I43)
Deliciously dark shimmery black-red

Yoga-Ta Get This Blue (I47)
Shimmery deep dark blue

 Get Me To The Taj On Time (I48)
Creme pale opal shade

Curry Up, Don't Be Late (I49)
Golden metallic simmers

Charmed By A Snake (I50)
A charming, disarming shade of shimmery bronze

 Lunch At The Delhi (I51)
Creme coral

Royal Rajah Ruby (I52)
Shimmery Jeweled burgundy

With love, T.
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