Monday, August 2, 2010

Russian Collection

The Russian Collection by OPI offers colors that capture a new moment in elegance and opulence. The Russian Collection is a mixture of luxury and refinement that transcends time.

$13 Each

Siberian Night (R52)
A wonderfully wintry shade of onyx

An Affair In Red Square (R53)
Fall in love with this romantic shimmering red

Russian Navy (R54)
Wait until you see this deep sea indigo!

Vodka & Caviar (R55)
An elegant, indulgentshade of rich crimson

Rubble For Your Thoughts (R56)
You’ll think this copper-penny shimmer is fabulous

Cosmo Not Tonight Honey (R58)
Make “space” for this pale gold touch of starshine

Midnight in Moscow (R59)
Charcoal with a hint of maroon glimmer

Suzi Says Da! (R60)
You’ll say “yes” to this decadently dark chocolate, too!

With love, T. 
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