Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Katy Perry

Know you ladies have been waiting long enough for this awesome collection.
Please dont hesitate any longer for this collection is HAWT and in really high demand.
Also, it is limited edition.
Do stock up on black shatter. Its a beauty.

Do note that black shatter, teenage dream and TGIF is priced slightly higher.

A set of all 5 colors will be $75(incl reg. mail)

K10 - TGIF $18
This Glittery-blue Is Fierce

K09 - Not like the movies $15
This sultry silver is the real deal

K08 - The one that got away $15
You always though that you'd marry this amazing deep berry.

K07 - Teenage dream $18
A dreamy Pink glitter that you are sure to crush on!

E53 - Black Shatter $18
Apply one coat over dried lacquer and watch the shatter effect appear before your eyes!

With love, T. 
 If you have any enquiries, you can email it to

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